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January 26, 2018     Quoddy Tides
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January 26, 2018

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26 January, 2018 THE QUODDY TIDES Page 5 MORE ON LUBEC aloud or in public? BRINING SHED SAGA Once the brining shed landed on Cam- To the editor: pobello the harbormaster and Lubec I have been watching the McCurdy's Landmarks should have graciously asked brining shed saga unfold for the last few Campobello authorities and Roosevelt weeks. Now I feel as though I would like CampobeUo International Park officials - to comment. What better place than The as it is on park property - what, if any- Quoddy Tides? thing, they could do to clean up this un- As a Lubec resident I find this entire fortunate situation. situation to be embarrassing. This is not Wow, and the saga continues. the first building to float away down the For your information, the president of Narrows; it is, however, the first one to Lubec Landmarks is also a Lubec Select create an international incident! Well, no, Board member. Next thing you know the the shed did not create an international select board is asking said member to take incident; the people involved with this sit- a leave of absence from the select board. uation created this embarrassing mess. This is an elected position! Can they do The brining shed has been in poor con- that? Who are they to pass judgment on dition for years. Lubec Landmarks appar- one another. I am not advocating for this ently has owned it for the best part of a member in any way. She was completely quarter century. My opinion is that they and utterly out of line making accusa- were derelict in their stewardship of this tions and comments during this incident. property, and it was allowed to deteriorate If the Lubec Landmarks board asked for to the point of being a potential naviga- her resignation or asked her to step down tional hazard. Shame on them for not talc- as president, I would not think they were ing steps to prevent this situation from out of line. She was not acting as a select happening. Now some will say that Land- board member during this incident, so marks has taken measures to keep the shed how is asking her to take a leave of ab- in place until such time as funding could sence from an elected position a matter be raised. I know that Landmarks has ap- the select board should even be consider- plied for and been denied grant monies for ing? Shame on them! Just saying! this purpose. Why, one wonders, were Heather Lee they denied? Perhaps, allowing to the con- Lubec dition of the building? Too little too late. DEFEND MAINE'S COAST Clearly a case of neglect and blind de- To the editor: termination on the part of Lubec Land- Trump gave Governor Rick Scott an marks has created this unfortunate situation, exemption for Florida regarding the open- Pulling the brining shed down may have ing up of offshore oil leases. That makes been the only responsible solution. sense; after all, their coastline is perhaps OK, so there's that part of the equation, the most important driver of their econo- Now, the brining shed collapses onto the my. Take, for example, the barrier island beach, creating a real and present naviga- community of Palm Beach, so lovely, so tional hazard to all mariners in and around expensive - but one can look - and a the Narrows [and] Johnson's Bay. Oblig- great golf course and hotel combo: Mar- ingly, though, the shed just meanders up a-Lago. Who would want to be playing the coast a few hundred yards and gets golf there with an oil rig pumping away caught up on some pilings belonging to a on the horizon? neighboring float system and stays there This exemption came about because overnight! Governor Scott, an ardent supporter of At this point I cannot, for the life of me, the current president, went to Washington understand why the Lubec harbormaster and made Florida's case. did not take control of the situation, as I In the article where I learned of this, am quite sure was his duty. I am not an there was a chart showing every state on attorney and I have not studied marine our eastern seaboard. Those whose gover- law, but I am fairly certain that once the nors had complained to the White House shed had collapsed onto the bearh it no about the plan were highlighted in yellow. longer belonged to Lubec Landmarks but Starting with Florida, Georgia, the Caroli- was the responsibility of the harbormas- nas, all the way north every state was ter. In the interest of everyone getting highlighted until getting to Maine. Can along and sharing the same sandbox, I sup- this be a mistake? We want offshore drill- pose the harbormaster could have asked ing? The coast of Maine, to me at least, is Landmarks to take immediate measures, the most varied and beautiful of the entire Then if Landmarks was not compliant the eastern seaboard. harbormaster could have - and should Not only is Scott an ardent supporter of have - stepped in and taken control of the Trump, but Maine's governor is, too. situation. In any case, neither entity did Where is he on this question? Not only for anything to secure the hazard. So Mother the expanding tourist industry, but for our Nature took over, and when the wind and tide changed, out went the shed, through fishing industry also! the Narrows to Campobello. Shame on the An oil spill would obviously be a disas- harbormaster and Lubec Landmarks for ter. Perhaps LePage has come to Maine's allowing that to happen, defense already. So at this point, the hazard has landed In a related move, Trump does away with the nine cents per gallon federal tax on foreign soil - can't make this up! to help fund disastrous oil spill cleanup. I was raised here in Lubec and have Paul Gay beachcombed my entire life. I was taught Vero Beach, Fla. that if it washed up on the beach it was salvage and fair game for any beachcomb- SNOW REPORT er. I am not sure if that is the legal marine To the editor: law or not, but it has certainly been ac- The following is a re@rst ffrom Sus- cepted as such here in this community, on anne for a letter describing the srtowfall of both sides of the border. January 17, 2018. So a resident of Campobello finds a Quiet, gentle, beautiful, fluffy, soft, shed on the beach and believes she has hit peaceful, Christmas-like! the lottery, by beachcomber standards, and Rosalie Woodward decides to take advantage. I don't blame Lubec her. I would have done the same. I believe she had every right to do as she did. AN IMBALANCED FOOD WEB Next thing you know, all our Campo- AND LYME DISEASE bello residents are chainsaw wielding To the editor: scavengers! Really! Whatever happened Maine's extremely large and growing to good old-fashioned common courtesy? tick population is to blame for human con- Has the invention of social media made us tracted tick-borne diseases such as the all say things that should never be said Lyme epidemic. This was the result of an increase in tick hatching and growing hab- the currency of the bug world. When a itat. The root of the problem was driven caterpillar is eaten, it doesn't mature to by a disruption in the food web caused by lay eggs as a moth. Reduction of eggs and the artificial introduction of wild turkeys, larvae is reflected in reduced bug popula- Wild turkeys were introduced to southern tions. As mammals depend on protein in Maine by 1980. Relocation continued milk, insect and spider populations depend across the state for 20 years by netting on protein in eggs and larvae. Tick popu- birds from established New England lations have not suffered because their flocks. The goal of the program was to protein source is warm-blooded animals. increase hunting opportunities. Regulat- Like any insect or spider, a tick's largest ed, permit-only hunting kept the birds safe predators are other young spiders and in- and propagated the current population. In- sects eating their eggs and larvae. Reduced creased wild turkey populations have predator bug populations provide sanctu- caused disruptions in the bug food chain, ary for tick eggs and larvae. Voracious, shoulder-to-shoulder eating History shows a balanced food web will habits have stripped tracts of woods, edge not allow for an exponential growth in and grassland of large protein-filled grass- tick population. Current rates will contin- hoppers, caterpillars, worms, grubs, bee- ue until the natural predators are restored ties and spiders among others. Leaving to their past levels, when ticks were virtu- areas reduced in bug life is detrimental to ally nonexistent. The disruption turkeys many wild creatures (migratory songbirds, caused in the complex food web is the snakes, shrews, voles and moles) and ben- primary reason we have a tick-borne dis- eficial to others (gypsy moths, Japanese ease public health crisis. Many publicly beetles and ticks), funded studies and reports were consulted Many species of spiders and insects relyto better illustrate this connection Pub- on other bugs for food. These creatures lic records clearly show that where wild are called predator bugs. Their popula- turkey populations had grown, tick popu- tions reflect the amount of protein a par- lations increased exponentially. In 2010, ticular area's bugs are producing. Foliage the Maine State Legislature required the and grass-eating insects convert vegeta- Maine Center for Disease Control and Pre- tion into protein. Subterrestrial beetles, vention to record all incidences of Lyme grubs and worms convert decaying vege- disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Up- tation into protein. Turkeys' aptitude for to-date wild turkey harvest records are fast growth and large food consumption available from MDIF&W has decreased the protein-producing bug Glenn W. Martin II numbers. Eggs and larvae (protein) are Montville Legislation would end food shaming by Senator Joyce Maker sponsor it, a number of parents and teach- I think we can all agree that it is a par- ers have come forward to confirm that ent's responsibility to adequately provide food shaming or denial are practices that for their child and that failure to do so due are currently used in some Maine school to oversight or neglect is by no means the districts. child's fault. That's why I jumped at the During the public hearing, the Educa- opportunity to sponsor LD 1684, An Act tion Committee heard of one instance Forbidding Food Shaming, Food Denial where a senior in a public high school was and the Use of Food as Discipline Involv- called out by name during a school assem- ing Any Child in Maine's Public Schools. bly by the principal who read off a list of For those of you who aren't aware, food names of students who would not be per- shaming occurs in some school districts mitted to graduate unless their outstand- around our state as a means to collect ing debts were paid. The student was debts owed for hot lunches. It refers to an understandably mortified, and the parents occurrence where a student who does not had not been notified of the outstanding have the money for a school meal or debt prior to the assembly, which was only whose family may have an unpaid school $2.10. meal debt is not allowed a hot lunch. The We also heard from many other sup- student is instead given a replacement porters during the public hearing, with the meal, such as a cheese or peanut butter Maine Department of Education testify- sandwich. Being served something differ- ing neither for nor against. While they had ent from the other students is a form of some suggested amendments, they agreed stigmatizing the student, I believe, poten- with me that communications about out- tially causing embarrassment and humili- standing debts should be settled between ation, the adults, as debt is not the responsibility With food denial, students are not al- of the child. Some of our schools may lowed to eat because they don't have mon- already be doing an excellent job on this ey to pay for breakfast or lunch, forcing topic, and I applaud them for that. I un- them to go hungry, derstand that some districts cover the cost While many from less fortunate fami- of breakfast and lunch and, as a result, are lies qualify for free or reduced lunch, having no problems. This varies, howev- sometimes the parents are too proud to er, from district to district. apply for the assistance, or the paperwork My aim for this bill is that we not allow somehow gets lost in the shuffle. Often students to be served lesser quality meals times these students heavily rely on their when they cannot pay and that we do not school lunch, as it may be the only hot allow schools to correspond with students meal they will receive that day. Other regarding their debts. times, families can afford the meals, but I am not suggesting that parents for some reason or another the parents fail shouldn't be kept on the hook for those to send their children to school with debts, but at the end of the day it is the enough money to pay for a hot meal. Re- student who is suffering or feeling shame gardless of the reason, no child should for not being able to afford the same meal ever have the threat of food denial held being provided to his or her peers, and I over his or her head or be given a substi- feel passionately that no student should be tute meal because their family owes mon- turned away from a hot meal or singled ey. out for their inability to pay. Since submitting this bill, I've had many (Senator Joyce Maker of Calais repre- people ask if this is really a practice that sents Maine Senate District 6, which cov- takes place in Maine, and since I agreed tO ers all of Washington County.)