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Quoddy Tides
Eastport, Maine
February 9, 1979     Quoddy Tides
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February 9, 1979

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Page 24 THE QUODDY TIDES Bills Printed for 109th Maine Legislature Bills printed as of Wednesday, January 24, 1979. First Regular Session. L.D. No. HP/SP No. L.D. 99 S.P. 62 AN ACT to Establish a Hunting Season for Moose. - L.D. 100 H.P. 88 AN ACT to Increase the PermissilMe State Discount to State Agency Stores to 12% Under the Alcoholic Beverages Statutes. L.D. 101 H.P. 89 AN ACT Concerning Fees for Special License Plates, L.D. 102 H.P. 90 AN ACT to Decrease the Sales and Use Tax from 5% to 4%. L.D. 103 H.P.91 AN ACTto Establish Registration of Polygraph Examiners. L.D. 104 H.P. 93 AN ACT to Establish the Legal Rights of Hospital Patients Without Jeopardizing their Right to Care or Treatment. L.D. 105 S.P. 68 AN ACT Relating to Supplemental Assessments under the Taxation Statutes. LD. 106 S.P. 65 AN ACT to Clarify the Duties of the Maine Insurance Advisory Board. L.D. 107 H.P. 105 AN ACT to Increase Salaries of Elected Officials of Washington County. L.D. 108 H.P. 101 AN ACT to Increase the Amount which the District Court is Allow- ed to Deposit each Month into the District Court Builjding Fund from $3,000 to $10,000. L.D. 109 H.P. 106 AN AOT Increasing the Minimum Length of Lobsters Which may be Possessed from 3-3/16 Inches to 3-1/4 ' Inches. L.D. 110 S.P. 66 AN ACT to Exclude Certain Academies from the Category of "Public School". L.D. 111 S.P.67 AN ACT to Appropriate Funds for Repair, Operation and Maintenance of Androscoggin Lake Dam. L.D. 112 H.P. 9 AN ACT Relating to Computation of the Local Allocation. L,D. 113 H.P. 103 AN ACT to Revise the Statute Relating to the Removal of Dan- gerous Buildings. L.D. 114 H.P. 104 AN ACTto Establish Holiday Pay for Deputy Sheriffs. L.D. 115 H.P. 111 AN ACT to Provide for Review of Nominations to the Workers' Compensation Commission by the Joint Stand ing Committee on Labor. L.D. 116 H.P. 107 AN ACT to Remove the Maximum Length for Taking Lobsters. L,D. 117 H,P, 115 AN ACT Relating to the Definition of "Teacher" under the Maine State Retirement System. L.D. 118 H.P. 109 AN ACT Concerning Appointments of Justices of the Peace. (EMERGENCY) L.D. 119 H.P. 110 RESOLUTION, Pro- posing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Provide that the Membership of the House of Representatives shall be Three Times That of the Senate and That Each Senate Dis- trict Shall be Composed of Three Contiguou House Districts. L.D. 120 H,P. 112 AN ACT Exempting Incorporated Non-profit Speech and Hearing Institutions from Sales Tax. L.D. 121 H.P. 113 AN ACT to Require an Annual Motor Vehicle Inspection to Coin- cide with Vehicular Registration. L.D. 122 H,P. 102 AN ACT Permitting Binding Arbitration for Public Employees in Critical Public Services. L.D. 123 H.P. 114 AN ACT to Require Motorcycle Operators and Passengers and Motor Driven Cycle Operators and Passengers to Wear Helmets if they are Minors. L.D. 124 H.P.97 AN ACT to Dissolve Membership of the Towns of Hope and Apple- ton from the Community School District. L.D. 125 H.P.99 AN ACT to Establish the Maine State Indoor Air Act. Copies of the Bills may be obtained from the Document Room, Third Floor, State House, Augusta, Maine 04333. L.D. 126 S.P.72 AN ACT to Provide Birth Certificates for Foreign-born Citizens Adopted by Maine Parents. L.D. 127 S.P. 73 AN ACT to Amend the Procedure of the State Board of Arbitration L.D. 130 H.P. 122 AN ACTto Require Certification of Teachers in Bilingual Educa- tion Programs. L.D. 131 H . 124 AN ACT to Increase the Mileage Reimbursement and Compensation of Jttrors. L.D. 132 HJ . 120 AN ACT to Allow Real Estate Agents to be Unlicensed. L.D. 133 H.P. 128 AN ACT Amending the Sardine Tax Law. L.D. 134 H,P. 123 AN ACT Prohibiting Trespassing on School Property. L.D. 135 HP.125 AN ACT to lncrease Fees and Mileage Reimbursements of Witnesses. L.D. 136 H.P. 127 AN ACT Relating to the Use of Deadly Force and Nondeadly Dis- abling Chemicals in Property Offenses. L.D. 137 H.P. 108 AN ACT to lncrease the Limit on Bonded Indebtedness of the East- port Port Authority From $500,000 to $6, 000,000. (EMERGENCY) L.D. 138 H . 121 AN ACT Concerning Remedies under the Unfair Trade Practices Statutes. L.D. 139 H.P. 126 AN ACT Reinstating Littering as a Criminal Offense. L,D. 140 HP. 129 AN ACT Amending Certain Laws Relating to the Packing of Sar- dines. L.D. 141 H.P.130 AN ACT to Clarify the Definition of Intermittent State Employ- ees. (EMERGENCY) L.D. 142 H.P. 131 AN ACT to Increase the Salaries of Constitutional Officers and the State Auditor by$5,000. (EMERGENCY) L.D. 143 H.P.132 AN ACTtoClarify the Confidentiality of Certain Tax Records. L.D. 144 H.P.133 AN ACT to Provide for a Local Excise Tax on Watercraft. L.D. 145 H.P. 134 AN ACT Concerning Certain Allocations from the General Highway Fund for the Repair of Certain Bridges in Bax- ter State Park. (EMERGENCY) L.D. 146 H,P. 136 AN ACT Relating to Avoidance of Contracts Made on the Lord's Day. L.D. 147 H,P. 146 AN ACT to Provide a Trade-in Credit for Musical Instruments. t.D. 148 H.P.100 AN ACTtoAIIow Prison Inmates to Attend the Funeral of a Brother or Sister. L.D. 149 H.P. 143 AN ACT Concerning Expenditure of County Funds. L.D, 160 H.P. 147 AN ACTto Revise the Service Charge for Local Vehicle Registration Agents. L.D. 151 H.P. 144 AN ACT Concerning County Commissioners" Discretionary Powers Regarding Grants Placed in County Budgets. L.D. 152 S.P. 76 AN ACT Concerning the Hiring of all School Bus Drivers. L.D, 153 S.P. 74 AN ACT Providing Funds for Clients in Special Age Groups Served by Cerebral Palsy Centers. L.D. 154 S.P, 81 AN ACT Concerning Stoppage of Work under the Unemployment Compensation Statutes. L.D. 155 S.P. 82 AN ACT to Incteese Penalties for Violation of the Statutes Con- cerning Minimum Wages. L.D. 156 H.P. 138 AN ACT Relating to the Use of Force in Defense of Premises. L.D. 157 S.P.80 AN ACT to Provide Interpreter Service for the Hearing Impaired. L.D. 158 H.P. 139 AN ACT to Require Personnel Files to Include Medical Records and Nurses' Station Notes. L.D. 169 H.P. 137 RESOLVE, Authoriz- ing Burton L. Lockhard or his Legal Repre- sentatives to bring Civil Action against the State of Maine. L.D. 160 H.P.140 AN ACT to Amend the Maine State Apprenticeship Council to State Apprenticeship and Training Council to Conform with Federal Recommendations un- der the Labor Laws. L,D. 161 H.P. 141 AN ACT to Provide Time for the Employee and Employer to Consider Payment of Compensation by Agree- ment. L,D. 162 HP. 142 AN ACT Relating to Arbitration under the State Employees Labor and Conciliation. Relations Act. L.D. 128 H.P. 118 AN ACT to Increase L,D. 163 H.P. 145 AN ACT Converting from 3 to 5 Per Inhabitant the Amount Ap- Mount Chase Plantation into the Town of propriated Annually for the State Stipend Mount Chase. (EMERGENCY) Fund for Agricultural Societies. L,D. 164 H.P. 148 AN ACT To Exempt L.D, 129 H.P. 119 AN ACT Concerning Trucks Hauling Bulk Milk and Feed from Cer- Cruelty to Animals. rain Weight Limits on State, County and i Ja00_5 FRED. S. JAMES & CO. OF MAINE, INC. INSURANCE 107 Water St., 73 Water St., Eastport, Maine Lube, Maine i 9 - Con,till LlndJ' Municipal Roads. (EMERGENCY) L.D.165 S.P. 75 AN ACT Concerning the Continuation of Pilot ProjectS for More Effective and Efficient Delivery of Services to Preschool Handicapped Children. (EMERGENCY) L,D, 166 S. 77 AN ACT to Strengthen Regional Library Systems. L.D. 167 S.P.78 AN ACT to Amend the Campaign Finance Law. L.D. 168 S.P. 79 AN ACT to Ensure the Safety of Minors participating in Trip CamP- ing. L.D. 169 S.P. 83 AN ACT Authorizing the Use of Nondeadly Disabling Chemicals for Self-defense and for Property ProteCtion in Certain Circumstances. L.D, 170. SP. 84 AN ACT to Provide for Annual Adjustment of Key Personal Income Tax Elements for Inflation. L.D. 171 S.P.B6 AN ACT to Abolish the Legislative Council. L.D. 172 S.P.87 AN ACT to Authorize the Construction of a Bridge Across the Ken- nebec River in the City of Augusta. L.D. 173 S.P. 88 AN ACT to Authorize a Bond Issue in the Amount of $4,500,000 to Make Improvements on State Route 17 in Letter D Township and Rangeley Plantation. L.D. 174 S.P. 89 AN ACT to Revise Cer- tain Motor Vehicle Laws. L.D. 175 S.P.99 AN ACT to Correct the References to Joint Standing Committees for the Purpose of Confirmation. (EME RGENCY) L.D, 176 S.P. 85 RESOLVE, Authorizing the Sale of Certain Public Reserved Lands to Cobbs Bosebuek Mountain Camps. L.D. 177 S.P.91 AN ACT Prohibiting a Bank Holding Company from Owning more than One Type of Financial Institution. L.D. 178 S.P. 92 AN ACT Concerning Unemployment Compensation Benefits For Employees Formerly Working for a Bankrupt Employer. L.D. 179 S.P.93 AN ACT to Amend the Representation of Towns on Community School Districts. L.D. 180 S.P.94 AN ACT to Revise the Statute Providing Reimbursement to Munici- palities for Revenue Loss Due to Certain Per- sonal Property Tax Exemptions. L,D. 181 S.P.95 AN ACT to Provide Ac- cessible Polling Places for the Physically Handi- capped and the Elderly. (EMERGENCY) L.D. 182 SJ=.96 RES( posing an Amendment to 4:hi Maine to Limit the Amount of State tures which may be made from I Revenues without Voter Approval, L.D. 183 H.P. 151 ANACTtoI the Law Relating to the Licensira L.D. 184 HJ =. 156 AN ACT' Coon Hunting, -.i L.D. 185 HR. 157 AN ACT Juvenile Clients of the Protective of the Department of Human L.D. 186 H.P. 158 AN ACT the Acknowledgment Provision of the ing Statutes to the Acknowledgments Act. L.D. 187 H,.159 ANACTtol Registrars of Deeds to use Rubber Lieu of Original Signatures. L.D. 188 H.P. 160 AN ACT the Transfer of the Planni Functions of the Urban Renewal of theCity of Bangor. L.D. !89 H.P. 161 AN ACT County Sheriffs to Appoint Limited and Limited Purpose Deputies. L.D. 190 H.P. 167 AN ACT the Property Tax Religious Worship. L.D. 191 H.P. 152 AN ACT Repossession of Consumer Goods from = Burner in Default Under a Consumer ( T raosaction. L.D. 192 H.P.453 AN ACT to Pro Gas Stations from Charging a Fee for P[l Air in a Customer's Tires. L.D, 193 H.P. 164 AN ACT the Time of Pa University of Maine Employees. L.D. 194 H.P.155 ANACTtoP a Student Member of the Board of the University of Maine. L.D. 195 H.P. 163 AN ACT the Jurisdiction of the Public Utilities l sion over Nonutility Attachments to Utility Plant. , L.D. 196 H.P. 164 AN ACT Relat Action by the Public Utilities Commiu Petitions by Electrical Companies for Cel cates of Public Convenience and Nm:[i Copies of the Bills may be obtained  t the Document Room, Third Floor ! House, Augusta, Maine 04333. i [ Here in Washington County Allstate can insure your house, your apartment, your condominium, or your mobile home. For you've seen and i heard advertising about Allstate home insurance. And now it's available here, at our agency. Whatever .you call "home," Allstate has a special policy to fi{ your special needs. 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