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July 27, 2018     Quoddy Tides
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July 27, 2018

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27 July, 2018 THE QUODDY TIDES Page 15 plans for Cony by Edward French The City of Eastport's plans to bring back Cony Park at the former city dump site on the Deep Cove Road are moving forward, with the recent announcement of a $6,000 grant from AARP's Community Challenge grant program for three out- door musical instruments that will be in- stalled at the site. The stainless steel and fiberglass instruments are five bongo drums, the Yantzee and the Duet, both of which are similar to xylophones. Currently the site, which overlooks Broad Cove, features an open pavilion, picnic tables, grills and a carry-in boat launch site for kayaks. Along with the musical instruments, horseshoe pitches and playground equipment are planned. City Manager Elaine Abbott says, "We're trying to make it a multi-generational fa- cility." A formal ribbon-cutting ceremony for the park may be held during Labor Day weekend. Park move forward She notes that "a lot of volunteer work and donations" have contributed to mak- ing the park. Kerry Jackson and the city's public works crew built the pavilion, and one resident regularly checks the area for dog waste. "People are really attached to it al- ready," she says, as the area returns to its former use as a park. Cony farm, which then became Cony Park, included an area that has since been taken over by the municipal airport. It in- cluded a ball diamond, tennis courts, race track, swing sets and horseshoe pitches, with the work being undertaken as a Na- tional Youth Administration project in the 1930s. It was later the site of the city dump, and the city now owns about four acres there. Abbott says an interpretive sign will be placed at the site, explaining its history. "I have high hopes this will be a well- used park," the city manager comments. Testing confirms that raccoon had rabies by Susan Esposito can eat, we are asking people with pets to As expected, the testing of the body of make sure that they don't have any food a large female raccoon that was shot in outside after 5 p.m," says Hoche. "And Eastport on July 10 confirmed the animal that will change to 3 p.m before dark, in had rabies, the winter." "I gave them a call today, and they said She points out that raccoons in Eastport yes," reports Eastport Animal Control Of- have been growing much heavier than ricer Tammy Hoche on July 19. "Andnormal and have very large litters, thanks since that time I have been able to trap to all the pet food they have been consum- three raccoons and eight skunks [which ing. were expected to be rabid]." Hoche notes that, since the July 13 edi- "I am asking people to trap the feral tion of/'he Quoddy Tides, she has sent for cats that they feed, and they will be vacci- testing another raccoon suspected of hav- nated and released," she adds. "I will set ing rabies that was shot by the police, and up the traps if they want me to." three animals suspected of having rabies "To cut down on what the wild animals have been shot in Pleasant Point. Eastport police report through July 25 The Eastport Police Department re-ity and got in the back seat of a car. The ceived 29 calls for service from July 10 subject refused to get out, so police re- through July 25. There were two arrests moved him and returned him to the facili- and 10 traffic stops, ty. Later that morning at 5:33 a.m. the On July 10 at 4:08 a.m. there was a same male subject locked himself in the report of phone harassment where text kitchen and refused to leave. The man messages were sent. The officer was un- was removed and taken by ambulance to able to make contact with the other per- the Calais Regional Hospital for evalua- son. tion. On July 10 at 12:30 p.m. a raccoonOn July 18 at 12:21 p.m. there was a attacked a man near Rosie's Hot Dog well-being check onWashington Street. Stand and then ran to Sullivan Street. The On July 20 the department assisted duty officer located the animal and dis- emergency medical services on a call. patched it. It was taken by the animal con- July 21 at 8:52 a.m. there was a harass- trol officer and sent for testing, and the ment complaint on Water Street. The sub- animal tested positive for rabies. There ject was warned. was no other information on the status of On July 21 at 5:29 a.m. there was an the subject bitten. He was transported to alarm call at the IGA. the Calais Regional Hospital. On July 22 at 5 p.m. Marine Patrol of- On July 12 at 1:58 p.m. a car accident ricers requested assistance from the Pleas- involving a deer occurred on County ant Point Police Department and the Road. The deer was dispatched Eastport Police Department. Marine Pa- On July 13 at 12:22 p.m. a two-cartrol had stopped a male subject in Pem- crash occurred on County Road near Bay- broke for fishing with a suspended license. City Garage. The female subject, who was During the investigation, a female subject on bail, was arrested and taken to Wash- from Lewiston was detained, and her hus- ington County Jail. band left the scene. The female was found On July 14 at 12:46 p.m. a report of to be on bail and had a suspended opera- criminal mischief was reported in which tor's license but was later released. Her two windshields on County Road were husband, who had fled on foot into the smashed by rocks. The subject was locat- woods behind the Irving near Leighton ed a week later and summonsed for crimi- Point Road, was found to have a felony nal mischief, warrant out of Penobscot County. After On July 15 at 10:44 a.m. a male subject several hours of trying to locate the sub- was found sleeping in the school dugout, ject, police were unsuccessful. The sub- He was given a trespass warning and ject'sprobationofficers were informed. asked to leave. On July 23 at 6:31 a.m. a raccoon was On July 15 at 10:23 p.m. there was a dispatched on Key Street due to its abnor- 911 hang-up. The caller was found to be mal behavior. The animal was staggering on Water Street. It was ascertained that down the road and also looked very the call was a pocket dial. mangy. The dispatched animal was taken On July 16 at 11:55 a.m. there was sin- by the animal control officer and sent for gle-car crash on Water Street. The female testing. Results are pending. driver stated she hit a metal pipe sticking On July 25 at 8:24 a.m. there was a out of the ground, non-reportable car and deer accident on On July 16 at 4:56 a.m. a call came in Washington Street. The deer was killed. from the residential care facility on Clark Check out the new Eastport Police De- Street stating that a male had left the facil- partment Facebook page. JONATHAN COWLES rows up to the limit allowed at 38'33" on the edge of the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea in October 2003. ROWBOAT DIPLOMACY (from page 1) emonies at the demilitarized zone (DMZ) Policy, President Trump willing to talk that serves as a buffer between North and instead of continuing the special interest South Korea, with navy ships from the line and North Korea also willing to sit two countries escorting the rowboat across down and talk," he says. He argues, "We the border. However, the plans were set will benefit 100 times more as a nation aside because of the tense political cli- internationally in Asia by showing anoth- mate. Cowles says the lack of diplomatic er kind of U.S. power and influence - initiatives during this time permitted North instead of the back-room arm twisting that Korea during the following 15 years to President Roh experienced to buy U.S.- build up a nuclear program. "Inaction as made jets or the pressured missile defense statesmen has vastly increased the stakes system sales to Japan." of negotiation now, when 15 years ago the "The American public needs to under- issue could have been more easily and stand this greater picture so that senators directly resolved," he believes, who might otherwise be led astray by spe- "Since 2004 I have worked behind the cial interests get it right when it comes scenes to try to resolve Korean Peninsula time to ratify a peace treaty," says Cowles. issues in a neutral statesman-like manner "If the fight Americans are involved in the transcending special interests," Cowles process then a great step forward can hap- says. "The hurdles of the current peace pen and the U.S. can gain great face and treaty are still formidable, and all the help strategic position in Asia. But if the spe- possible is needed to ensure success. Po- cial interests set their hooks, then the litical gridlock and special interests in this world will see business as usual, and country almost guarantee massive hurdles, America will have missed out on signifi- rather like having six pollock on a hand- cant opportunities." line all swimming in opposite directions." In the U.S the Democrats and Repub- Cowles is hoping to complete his row- licans, who he says "can't even tie their ing trip as a symbolic American diplomat- own shoes because they have to argue ic gesture. "It isn't about rowing a boat," about it," need to come together to sup- he notes. "It's about showing the Korean port normalizing relations. Also, he says Peninsula that there is another side to what every nation that is involved with the U.N. it means to be an American. I hope the command in South Korea "needs to be efforts inspire statesmanship - because involved with unraveling this huge knot some of this has nothing to do with North that's like a fisherman's knot." Korea. It isn't about North Koreans and With the diplomatic initiative and the Chinese, it is about how we as Americans presidents of North and South Korea and behave and how we handle issues as a the U.S. sitting down at the same table, nation. Now of all times, it is necessary Cowles says he needs to throw his own for America to show its ability to lead the weight behind the efforts, "even though world stage to transcend regional griev- my weight is only a rowboat." He adds, ances, retribution, our country's industrial "Now is the most vulnerable and sensitive special interests, to lead a peace that not time," with a window of opportunity that only resolves a 68-year war, but also does he believes might not come again for an- things like disempowers an ever more ag- other 65 years for normalizing relations gressive China." between North and South Korea and the Cowles believes that, since the Korean U.S. War ceasefire in 1953, controlling special Noting that his Boat School rowboat interests have undermined any peace talks has been sitting and waiting, pointed for their own benefit, but now, for the first north, for 15 years in a building near the time, "the stars are in alignment" for a DMZ in South Korea, Cowles says of the resolution and a peace treaty. "There is a current efforts to break ,through the im- Liberal in South Korea with the Sunshine passe, 'Tm very hopeful." , INC. 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