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August 28, 1970
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Page 6 THE QUODDY TIDES, Eastport, Maine 28 Augus FIRST EASTPOR T BO Y SCOUT TROOP in 1913-14. Shown standing in the picture are left to right: Stafford Dore, Chalmers Bowden, Oscar L. Whalen, Burrows Emery, Ralph Harrington, Whitney Harrington, Howard Gregory, Ralph Whalen, Rev. Packard, William Banks, Angus Holmes, Jr., John Conti, Chester McGregor, Roland Mitchell, Burton Byron, Albert Lowe, Merrill Bowden and an unidentified boy (does anyone know who it is ?). Seated in front left to right are: Roy Camick, Lionel McCluskey, John Ferris, DonaM Capen, Roland Kemp, Edgar Smith, Max Harrington, Arthur Carnie, George E. Lowe, and the mascot, Rene Packard. Eastport News Miss Inez Kierstead - Tel. 853-2751 EASTPORT SESQUICENTENNIAL EVENTS The month of August will see three events in Eastport to celebrate "Maine's Sesquicentennial" year. The first event this month was a "moonlight cruise" from Eastport to Deer Island and back, with about sixty people enjoying the trip aboard the "Quoddy Dam". The moon rose, al- though a bit subdued because of the light fog, but it was bright enough to make a path on the water and light up the surround- ing area. The weather was mild and an old record player played in the background as the boat cruised on the "moonlit Bay". The second event this month was an open meeting of the Border Historical Society at the Episcopal Parish Hall, when L. Keith Ingersoll, Curator of Canadian History at the N.B. Museum, St. John, was the featured speaker. After an intro- duction by John P. Grady, Mr. Ingersoll spoke of John Allan Moses, who was born on Indian Island and later moved to Grand Manan where he became a taxidermist and naturalist. His collection of natural history Mrs. Herman Boone - Tel. 853-2940 TOWNSEND REUNION The Townsend family reunion, an annual affair, was held on Saturday, August 8, at the Eastport Parish Hall. Sixty-six of the family attended. A pot luck luncheon was served to the gathering. Norman L Young, recently returned from Vietnam, had travelled the farthest to attend. Little Calvin Rodney Kneeland of Monticello, Maine, three months old, was the youngest member present; Clarence W. Townsend of Eastport, the oldest. A presentation was made on behalf of the children, to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Townsend, by Arthur W. Townsend Members who attended were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Townsend of Eastport; Mrs. Leona Townsend and Bernadine, Houlton; Mrs. Robert Spittle and Robin; Mr. and Mrs. Dana Kneeland and Calvin of Monti- cello; Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Townsend, Lida and Frank, Mr. and Mrs. John Lyons, Denise, Angela and Jason of Lubec; Mr. and Mrs. Percy A. Glidden, Sr., Dorcas, Patricia and Peter, Mr. and Mrs. Percy A. 00_00ibrar V cY00ote,00 PEAVEY MEMORIAL .LIBRARY ' There were thirty-five ehildren who participated in the eleventh summer read- ing program for primary and grammar school-aged children. On August 22, certificates from the American Book Council were presented by the librarian Mrs. William Sleight, to the following children who read at least ten books in various catagories such as history, science, etc.: Mike McGreevy, Beth Keezer, Amy Rumery, Karen Spinney, Toby Thompson, Karen McCannell, Audrye Fogg, Karen Finch, Ellen Greenlaw, Marc Young, Martha Richardson, Teena Robinson, Amy Ray, Jimmy Stuart, Richard Clark, Marilyn Conti, Rebecca Lingley, Keven Clark, Kenneth Stuart, Douglas Elsasser, Mary Robinson and Susan Cook. A game hour was enjoyed before the awards were made and refreshments were served after- wards. Prizes of books were given to Karen McCannel and Douglas Elsasser of the Grammar School for reading 48 and 27 books respectively; and to Mary Robinson and Ellen Greenlaw of the Primary school who read 41 and 21 books respectively. Mrs. Sleight has noted that this year there have been more "out-of-state" and "out-of-town" people using the library than in previous years. Assisting in the library this summer have been Miss Maureen Wright of Washington State Teachers College who was in charge of children's books, and Miss Marilyn Apt of Shead Memorial High School who has just received a substantial scholarship to the Hinkley School Work is being done this summer on the expensive masonary job of painting up the brickwork to take care of leaks which have caused damage tO books: The roof also needs new slate to correct leaks. Eastport Schools- "" Calendar 1970-71 Supt. Howard S. Millett has announced is now in the Grand Manan Museum. Mr. Ingersoll also told the audience how Bow- doin College acquired Kent Island in the Grand Manan archipelago for the study of birds The third event this month will be a boat trip around the harbor Sunday after- noon, Aug. 30 and a Fishing Derby which the Eastport Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring on the Eastport Municipal Pier, with prizes for the largest mackerel and other fish caught during the day. Another event is in the planning stage, with the date set for Saturday, October 17. EASTPORT HOSPITAL AUXILIARY CONCLUDES SUCCESSFUL YEAR The Eastport Memorial Hospital Auxil- iary has concluded a very productive year. In November a refrigerator was purchased and installed in the laboratory. In May, they purchased a fully equipped stretcher for the Emergency room. They spent the sum of $624. for this equipment The June Tea was a success and netted $277. The 1970-71 year begins with the first meeting on Sept. 21. It is hoped that many will join the Auxiliary at this time and help with the supplies and new equip- ment needed to keep the hospital "up to date". DOCTORS "ON CALL'" This summer, in order to insure that a doctor is always available for emergencies in the community on weekends, the three doctors on the staff of the Eastport Mem- orial Hospital, began a system of alternat- ing weekends when they are available at the hospital, thus assuring adequate cover- age for the community at all times and also giving the doctors some weekends off. Glidden, J'r., Maynard, Irene, Gaylord the following calendar for the school year and Percy III, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. 1970-1971 Eastport teachers will Glidden, Michael and Regina, Mr. and Mrs. meet at 9:00 A.M. on Tuesday, Septemb- Arthur W. Townsend, Mr and Mrs. Joseph R Townsend, Joseph, Landa and Lori, all of Wallingford, Conn.; Mrs. Ralph Nadeau, Pembroke; Mr. and Mrs. Russell N. Edwards and Donna, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace R. Townsend, Brewer; Mr. and Mrs. William C. Newman, Wanda, Bonnie and Mary of Wilson's Beach, Campobello, N.B.; Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Young, Michael, Larry, Karen and Lois of Eastport; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Barnes, Jeanette, Jeannie and Mary, Bridgeview, Illinois; Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bridges, Rebecca, and Vivian of Princeton, Maine. VISITS ENGLAND Last month, Mrs. Phyllis Spinney of County Road visited her sister, Mrs, (cont'd on page 71 er 8 at Shead Memorial High Sdhool; Classes will start Wednesday, September 9th. Schools will close Tuesday, December 22nd for the Christmas vacation and re- open on Monday, January 4. They will close on February 19 for the Winter vacation and will reopen on Monday, March 1. On April 16 they will close for the Spring vacation and will reopen on Monday, April 26. Schools will close Friday, June 18 for the summer vacation. Schools will also be closed on the following days - October 1 and 2, State Teachers' Convention; October 26, Veterans' Day; November 26 and 27, Thanksgiving Recess; April 5, County Teachers' Convention; and May 3 I, Mem- orial Day. Super Vitamin Offer ! SUPER AYTINAL For Adults and Teenagers BOTTLE OF 50 When You Buy 100 150 in all =. .. 98 $9.67 Value CAMICK'S DRUG STORE WALGREEN AGENCY EASTPORT, MAINE II I III 9797979979999779979777799797777777't ''. ? ? What's Going On Here00 9 BY TED TAYLOR, EASTPOR ' 99999999999999999999999999999999997 ''" Hello everyone! The funniest thing happened. The last few weeks everyti1 I'd get the pen and paper I couldn't of a thing to write and besides it was so hot I coul6 a't hold my hand on the 1 , because the heat of my hand made the ink boil and did you ever write with I ink? No kidding, I was having a little and sorta a short vacation. But today 1 am gonna see what's going on. . As you know, we have had a very 1o and hot summer and the mackerel haw . been so thick at the breakwater that a everyone has been walking over to ., Campobello. I never saw anythink like it,. but ain t the good. I have eaten so a)' I am developing blue stripes down nay back and it's not black and blue either. , You otta see Ted Cumming's new try, and ya no I went by Saturday and just. trailer, and Monday at ten o'clock, a I)[; new two car garage. I'd love to know  it happened. I have heard of pulling o,, a light and being in bed before it was a,, but to build a garage that quick; nothtnlI short of amazing. And Stinson's Wharf and Dock. Isn't that the cat's pyjamas Ya no, this litt old town is really looking better all the time. I never seen a street any cleanerj ! than Water Street Sunday morning,  want to tell Leslie he is doing a fineJ  and the dump has been fixed up with J_,, fence to hold all those old papers and  it's a fit place to go, and the new fire station. How many know how manY . fellows have given a lot of their hot ; ings working there for free I will nae ,, , ,1011 L them in the next column, because J u. know at the monent who to thank, bUtoy there are a lot. Drop in and see what u,, have done. But a big disappointment is the scarcity of haddock and pollock this summer. Those fellows with those bo= have taken a beating this summer, bell, 7 there hasn't been hardly any fishing..', never forget, years ago I went out ann = caught a pollock and I forget what it 1 weighed, but I 11 tell you this when ., ' II hauled him in the boat, you could see water go down a little, so that will gi,a you some idea of the size and if I co have been smart at all I could have u- his scales to weigh him with. Well, if you people expected, after vacation, to get anything different o# better you sure didn't make it, did Y. , The paper is growing all the time ann u S rice is oin u , but I'U bet there lfis P g g P .ue" be anyone quit buying it, because u, nowhere in the world today that for,lt twenty cents you can get any more *# than the good old "Ouoddy Tidese iao a ten-cent candy bar today and se . big it is. So keep on reading and neV_tei  mind the price. I guess 1'11 put a j irq* and finish this I hope you have had . --- ea. nice summer and don't get too tann Summer is almost over Now we will take shorter rides Where once you were a rover , Now read your "Quoddy Tides" CASSIDY'S SHOE FOR BACK TO ScHOOl" SHOES - IT'S CASSIDY'$ - the Quality Shoe store in the Area MAIN ST.